Thursday, August 28, 2008

California Activist Seeks to Nuke States Economy

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad i don't have enough to worry about, chasing meth addicts around for $21 an hour. Now some ass wants to take my pension

Anonymous said...

YES, Mr. McCauley IS a crackpot.

Anonymous said...

Yes, McCauley's a looney. But that's not all: there's more! Check out McCauley's Measure 1350, "Renegotiation of Public Employee Pension Contracts," which seeks to amend the state's Constitution so it no longer forbids retroactive renegotiation of pensions after someone has already retired and after their pension fund has already vested. (McCauley would leave the prohibition in place for all other kinds of contracts, and only go after the pockets of little old men and women who can't fight back very well.) Appalling. Yes, the guy's a looney. And that's putting it kindly. What scares me is that some voters might go for it.